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OUR MISSION is to always act professionally and ethically in all dealings, providing high quality advice and service. We continually strive to improve the advice we provide through innovation and learning, while running an increasingly efficient business that makes a positive social impact.

When we work with you, our goal is to manage your project to the best of our ability and meet your outcomes. We are motivated to make a constructive difference to people’s lives by supporting those organisations that care for them and by managing your project and the business well, we can continue to do this.

We believe that we have a responsibility to support organisations that seek to make a positive social impact in the community.

We endeavour to work with organisations that specifically help those who are disadvantaged or disabled. Such companies include those that provide people with affordable housing, special assistance programs and employment opportunities.

We offer discounted services to such organisations through a pooled revenue project and we are committed to developing collaborative partnerships with clients to help further improve social outcomes.

We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and progress to deliver quality and timely customer service along all stages of the planning and development process.

Barr Property and Planning are proud members of the following industry bodies: