The Grainery Church

Client:The Grainery Christian Network
Partners:Ian Easton Architect
Location:Steel River Estate, Mayfield West NSW
CIV:$4.3 million

Site relocation for The Grainery Church – Newcastle, NSW

At the time of the development, the existing location of the The Grainery Church was in a residential area which impeded the need for expansion due to existing use rights of the EPA Act 1979, the limitation on parking in the area and the nearby residents which were concerned by noise generated by the church. As a result, a larger premises was required to better accommodate their needs and resolve the existing land use conflict of the current location. A suitable property was found and a development application was lodged for change of use and construction works.

BP&P coordinated the subconsultants required, prepared the Statement of Environmental Effects, lodgement to Council and project management throughout Council until development consent was granted. Subsequently, development applications have occurred for the temporary use of the site as a function centre.